The bus is coming by. Get on.

We’re developing the best method for streaming Archive.org’s Grateful Dead shows on your iOS or Android device.

We’ve taken a Dead-first, Dead-only approach to designing and developing our app. Because so much information is known about the Dead’s performances, our app brings that information together with the live archive (hosted on archive.org) to enable more nuanced searching. At launch, our most robust search element will be song-based: you can find shows based on the songs played, years, people, or a any combination of the three. Focusing only on the Dead—and, by extension, heads—means desgning not only for casual fans, but potentially really opiniated users. Though we’ve made this easy to use, we really believe Deadsound is the easiest way to go deep into the Dead’s live archives, particularly on mobile.

We’re motivated mostly by fun—we’d always intended for this to be a good time—but we genuinely believe that a Dead-focused app is going to allow heads to find things that they’d never be able to find in a more artist-agnositic approach to straming shows from Archive.org. But, you know, that’s really just the “how” to to the “why” of “have fun.” We’re trying to entertain ourselves here.

“We” are Josh and James. Josh is the face—the personality you may have encountered on Twitter. James is the one building things. And you—you’re the one we want to help find your new favorite tape.