For Your Pleasure: Rosemont 1993

In which we try to answer a number of questions, not least of which is “where even is Rosemount?”

"Rosemont." The very name conjures so many questions. At the top of the list: "Where is it?" (Apparently it's outside of Chicago.) Also, "What is its motto?" ("You Can't Miss It," which I'm sure you easily can.) And of course, "Does it host the Midwest FurFest and Exxxotica Expo conventions?" (It does.)

But what The City Apparently Outside of Chicago is really not known for is the three-night run of Dead shows on March 9th, 10th, and 11th in 1993. And for good reason: none of you people like 1993 Grateful Dead shows. But you know what? Take three decent-for-their-era nights and distill them down to one mix that loosely resembles the first set / second set structure of a Grateful Dead show, and I promise you'll have more fun than you expected to.

Grab it here.

Feel Like a Stranger (3.10.93)
Franklin's Tower (3.11.93)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (3.11.93)
Peggy-O (3.10.93)
Let It Grow (3.10.93)
So Many Roads (3.11.93)
Row Jimmy (3.9.93)
Queen Jane Approximately (3.10.93)
Ramble On Rose (3.10.93)
Eyes of the World (3.10.93)
Corrina (3.10.93) >
China Cat Sunflower (3.9.93) >
I Know You Rider (3.9.93)
Truckin' (3.11.93) >
He's Gone (3.11.93) >
Drums (3.11.93) >
Flibberty Jib on the Bippity Bop (3.11.93) >
The Island (3.11.93) >
Space (3.11.93) >
The Other One (3.11.93) >
The Wheel (3.10.93)
Not Fade Away (3.10.93)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (3.10.93)

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